Samet Oymak


Samet Oymak

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cooperating Faculty with Computer Science

University of California, Riverside

Office: Multidisciplinary Research Building (MRB1) 169 Aberdeen Dr, Riverside, CA 92507

Email: lastname (at) ece (dot) ucr (dot) edu

I am an Assistant Professor of ECE at UC Riverside. I received my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Caltech in 2015.

My research lies at the confluence of machine learning, optimization, and statistics.
I am broadly interested in finding principled solutions to contemporary ML problems by using tools from optimization and statistics.


Current focus: Foundations of learning & decision making via efficient models, algorithms, representations.

Current topics: heterogeneous data, reinforcement learning, autoML & model compression, deep learning theory.

Prospective PhDs: Research experience in ML and solid background on optimization/statistics is important.

Undergraduates: Basic Python knowledge is necessary. Experience with PyTorch or TensorFlow is a plus.

Postdoc opening: We are looking for a postdoc at the intersection of reinforcement learning, control and networks.
Please drop an email to me or Fabio.