Ozkan Energy Lab
Ozkan Nano Devices
Ozkan Nanomaterials Lab
Nicely located in the Material Science and Engineering building at the University of California Riverside. The Ozkan Energy lab is home to all of the groups cutting edge battery research ranging from silicon anodes, carbon structures, lithium air, super capacitors and sulfur cathodes. The lab is capable of testing 50 different batteries assembled in half cell or full cell configuration, a state of the art glove box in order to ensure all batteries are constructed below 0.10 PPM, a electrospinner capable of producing nanofibers in the order of kg's coupled with other various instruments allowing Ozkan Energy lab to compete with all other high end energy laboratories.
This lab is home to a good portion of Ozkan lab's device testing, fabrication, and chemical synthesis. Many of the devices made using 2D materials such as graphene and molybdenum disulfide are characterized here using a state of the art Atomic Force Microscope. This lab is also the home of many chemical synthesis for battery structures for both cathode and anode.
This is home to all of the Ozkan Lab's 2D material and 3D material growths such as Pillared Graphene nanotubes, graphene, Tungsten disulfide, and molybdenum disulfide. Ozkan Lab's has a variety of furnaces for different material systems that are at the disposal of all researchers allowing them to test out new theories in hopes of advancing all of materials.