R. Lake

Roger Lake

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California
Riverside, California 92521-0425

437 WCH
Phone: (951) 827-2122
FAX: (951) 827-2425
E-mail: rlake at ece.ucr.edu 

LAboratory for Terascale and Terahertz Electronics (LATTE)

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Online Lectures and Lecture Notes:

EE 208 Electronic Bandstructure (YouTube videos with pdf notes)

EE 212 Quantum Electron Transport with NEGF (YouTube videos with pdf notes)

EE 133 Solid State Electronics (iTunes U - requires an iOS device)


Focusing your research for publication (article by G. Whitesides)
Directions for writing a paper and preparing a presentation.
Directions for writing an abstract.  
The NanoHUB - The biggest nano site on the web.  
Scientific / Mathematical Software  
Semiconductor bandgaps and lattice constants (gif) (from SRI)
Semiconductor valence band offsets (gif) (frm SRI)
Si1-xGex offsets as a function of substrate x.

Cadence software at UCR