LATTE Photos

      2019 in Review

Chenyang's graduation dinner
LATTE group at Chenyang's graduation dinner, Dec. 2019.
Chenyang's graduation dinner
And some of the great food that we had at Frice, Dec. 2019.
Tonmoy's graduation dinner
LATTE group at Tonmoy's graduation dinner, March 2019.
Tonmoy's graduation dinner
And after the dinner, March 2019.
Cold March Meeting
Chenyang and In Jun braving the cold. APS March Meeting, Boston, March 2019. This is why we prefer So. Cal. (compare to photo above right).
March Meeting CC
In Jun, Chenyang, and Nima inside the Boston Convention Center, March 2019.
Reunion 2019
Boston LATTE reunion sometime late into the evening, March 2019. From right: Chenyang Li, Gen Yin, me, Mahesh Neupane, Darshana Wickramaratne, In Jun Park, and Nima Djavid behind the camera.