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The Call for Paper can be downloaded here.

General Topics:

l  Identification and model reduction

l  Structural analysis of large scale complex systems

l  Hierarchical multilevel multilayer control

l  Decentralized and distributed control systems

l  Optimization of large scale complex systems

l  Efficient strategies and algorithms for large scale problem solving

l  Modelling and control of discrete event and hybrid systems

l  Complex network systems

l  Methodologies and tools for analysis of complexity

l  Multi-agent systems

l  Decision support systems

l  Knowledge discovery (data mining)

l  Supervisory control

l  Intelligent control

l  Integrated monitoring, control and security

Applications include:

l  Application of estimation and control to aerospace engineering

l  Environmental systems

l  Marine systems with an emphasis on safety issues

l  Power systems

l  Transportation systems

l  Navigation and control of unmanned autonomous vehicles

l  Communication systems

l  Intelligent manufacturing systems

l  Medical systems

l  Business systems engineering

l  Petrochemical and refinery systems

l  Iron and steel industrial systems