PhD Students


Yahya Sattar


Mingchen Li


Yingcong Li


Emrullah Ildiz


Xiangyu Chang (co-advised with Amit)


Xuechen Zhang (co-advised with Jiasi)

Undergraduate students

  • Chloe Au

  • Antonio Duran (intern during 2022 June-August)

  • Halil Ibrahim Gulluk (intern during 2020 August-December, now at Stanford University)

  • Ridvan Yesiloglu (intern during 2020 summer, now at Stanford University)

  • Ahmet Demirkaya (intern during 2018 Summer, now at Northeastern University)

Master's Alumni

  • Mohammad Reza Zare Shahneh (Graduated 2021 with MS thesis)

  • Yuan Zhao (MS student, Graduated 2020 with MS thesis)

  • Yao-Chun Chan (Graduated with MS project in 2018)

  • Yinglun Li (Graduated with MS project in 2018)

  • Wei-He Luo

Prospective Students

I am actively looking for students who are interested in

  • machine learning and data science (with a focus on algorithms and theory)

  • applied math and statistics

Typical conference venues: ICML, NeurIPS, AAAI, COLT.
Typical journal venues: TIT, TSP, JMLR, SIOPT.

Please contact me with a CV and transcript!