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VLSI System and Computation Lab (VSC-LAB) at UCR focus on cutting-edge nanometer VLSI design methodology and design tool development for current and future nanometer System-On-a-Chip VLSI and real-time embeded systems. We address foundamental VLSI design challenges and enable a quantum leap to a new generation of nanometer SoC chip and systems.

  • Location: WCH 361
  • Tel: (951)-827-6161

Our research is sponsored by the federal government agencies, electronic design automation industry, State of California and University of California.

The brief introduction, history and the recent projects of VSCLAB

Old VSCLAB/MSLAB link (to be expired soon)

Director: Prof. Sheldon X. D. Tan

Dr. Sheldon Tan
  • Email: stan@ece.ucr.edu
  • Phone: (951) 827-5143
  • Office: WCH424
  • My short bio biography: Sheldon Tan Short Bio

Research Job Openings

VSCLAB lab has a few new Ph.D. student positions available for Fall 2016. You are welcome to contact Prof. Sheldon X. D. Tan

Please see details for the openings at VSCLAB at Research Job Openings

Current Research Areas

  • Parallel and intelligent computing (deep learning) and analysis on heterogeneous and accelerator-rich (GPUs) platforms.
  • Hardware security and trust computing.
  • Smart devices and embedded and cyber-physical systems.
  • VLSI reliability, modeling, optimization and management at circuit and system levels.
  • Thermal modeling, optimization and dynamic thermal management at circuit, chip and board levels.
  • Statistical modeling and optimization for VLSI systems.
DAC 2014

Highlighted Activities

2015 International Symposium on Design Technologies for IoT

Useful links

VSCLAB Facilities and Computing Resources

VSCLAB has a 1000 square feet lab space located in the WCH 361. The lab has many Apple iMACs and Dell PCs for students with latest software such as COMSOL, Matlab, and LabView. The lab also consists of four powerful Linux servers. Among them, a new server (Kepler) with 2x Xeon E5-2698 (16 cores) CPUs and 128 GB RDIMM memory, 400 GB SDD, 4 TB SATA disk, second server (Newton) with 2x Xeon E5-2670 (8 cores) CPUs and 64 GB DDR3 memory and 2.8 TB disk space; VSCLAB has the latest GPUs (K20, K40) from Nvidia Corporation; VSCLAB also has licensed Cadence Design Tool Suites (Spectra, Spectra RF, UltraSim) and Synopsys design tool suites (Design Compiler and Physical Computers, HSPICE).