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  • Energy Storage Optimization and Valuation

    Sneak Peek of ESVOT

    Technology Tab

    User can select from a wide variety of energy storage systems

    User can select valuation or optimization mode

    A comprehensive list of technological and economic parameter inputs


    Location Tab

    User can select the geographic location of energy storage system

    All U.S electricity market / Zones / Pricing Nodes are enabled

    Fundamental forecasts for long-term electricity price, ancillary service price and capacity price are available.


    Service Tab

    User can select the energy storage system integration level.

    User can select from 18 electric grid services in transmission/distribution/behind-the-meter systems.


    Forecast Tab

    User has the option to use self-provided power system/market inputs.

    In addition, proprietary power market forecasts are provided upon request.


    Architecture and Optimization Engine

    ESVOT has a multi-threading architecture.

    State-of-the-art optimization engine.


    Output Tab

    Users can view economic and technical outputs.