Selected publications

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  • Exciton condensate in bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides: Strong coupling regime

    B. Debnath, Y. Barlas, D. Wickramaratne, M. R. Neupane, R. K. Lake
    Phys. Rev. B, 96, 174504 (2017)

  • A charge-density-wave oscillator based on an integrated tantalum disulfide-boron nitride-graphene device operating at room temperature

    G. Liu, B. Debnath, T. R. Pope, T. T. Salguero, R. K. Lake, A. A. Balandin
    Nature Nanotechnology, 11 (10), 845-850 (2016)

  • Direct Observation of Acoustic Phonon Confinement in Free-Standing Semiconductor Nanowires

    F. Kargar, B. Debnath, J. Kakko, A. Saynatjoki, H. Lipsanen, D. L. Nika, R. K. Lake, A. A. Balandin
    Nature Communications 7 13400, (2016)

  • Acoustic phonon spectrum and thermal transport in nanoporous alumina arrays

    F. Kargar, S. Ramirez, B. Debnath, H. Malekpour, R. K. Lake, A. A. Balandin
    Applied Physics Letters 107, 171904 (2015)

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition and Phase Stability of Pyrite on SiO2

    Z. Mutlu, B. Debnath, S. Su, C. Li, M. Ozkan, K. Bozhilov, R. K. Lake, C. S. Ozkan
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2018)

  • Variable-temperature inelastic light scattering spectroscopy of nickel oxide: Disentangling phonons and magnons

    M. M. Lacerda, F. Kargar, E. Aytan, R. Samnakay, B. Debnath, J. X. Li, A. Khitun, R. K. Lake, J. Shi, A. A. Balandin
    Applied Physics Letters 110, 202406 (2017)

  • Spin-phonon coupling in antiferromagnetic nickel oxide

    E. Aytan, B. Debnath, F. Kargar, Y. Barlas, M. M. Lacerda, J. X. Li, R. K. Lake, J. Shi, A. A. Balandin
    Applied Physics Letters 111, 252402 (2017)

  • Electrically driven deep ultraviolet MgZnO lasers at room temperature

    M. Suja, S. B. Bashar, B. Debnath, L. Su, W. Shi, R. K. Lake, J. Liu
    Scientific Reports 7, 2677, (2017)

  • Electrically driven plasmon-exciton coupled random lasing in ZnO metal-semiconductor-metal devices

    M. Suja, B. Debnath, S. B Bashar, L. Su, R. K. Lake, J. Liu
    Applied Surface Science 439, (2018)




Summer schools


Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
American International University - Bangladesh (AIUB)
September, 2012 – September, 2014

  • Courses instructed:
    • VLSI Circuit Design
    • Electronic Devices
    • Microprocessor and Interfacing
    • Electrical Circuit I
    • Electrical Circuit II
    • Analog system I
    • Analog system II
    • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Supervised 3 undergraduate research groups:
    • TCAD simulation and performance improvement of efficient inorganic solar cell (awarded best undergraduate thesis in AIUB, 2013)
    • Numerical simulation of Silicon-Germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor (SiGe-HBT) and analysis of HBT base transit time to achieve faster operation (selected as one of the three best undergraduate theses in AIUB, 2014: IEEE Xplore)
    • Smart Home/Office Automation System (nominated as one of best undergraduate Projects, 2014)


  • Semiconductor Device Simulation:
    • COMSOL Multiphysics
    • SILVACO Device and Process Simulation - Atlas, Athena & Devedit
  • First principle (ab initio) simulation:
    • Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package (VASP)
    • Quantum Espresso
    • Quantum Wise - Virtual Nano Lab (VNL) and Atomic Tool Kit (ATK)
    • Material Studio
    • Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE)
  • Programming Language:
    • C
    • C++
    • MATLAB
    • Linux shell (Bash) scripting
    • Assembly language
    • Python
  • VLSI
    • Quartus (Verilog)
  • Electromagnetic Simulation
    • FEKO
    • 4nec2 Antenna Simulator
  • Microcontroller & Microprocessor
    • AVR Studio
    • MicroC
    • System on Chip: Raspberry Pi
  • Engineering Design
    • AutoCad
    • Microsoft Visio
  • Measurement, Automation & Instrumentation
    • LabVIEW
  • Electrical Circuit Simulation
    • Circuit Maker
    • PSPICE


Academic Award


Research Lab