Alexander N. Korotkov

Department of Electrical Engineering
University of California
Riverside, California 92521

Phone: 1 (951) 827-2345
FAX: 1 (951) 827-2425

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Research interests
quantum computing with superconducting qubits, quantum measurements, nanoelectronics

Publications and presentations
136 journal papers, 39 proceedings and book chapters, over 100 conference presentations, 1 patent (see List of publications, Links to recent papers, and Recent presentations)

Citation index
8,000 citations, 22 papers cited over 100 times, h-index: 46 (source: Google Scholar)
Web of Science: 5,000 citations, h-index: 39

Current research funding
Continuous quantum state tracking and error correction, ARO (2015-2019)
(see list of papers supported by this grant)

Research funding in the past
Control of quantum open systems: theory and experiment, ARO MURI (2011-2016)
(see list of papers supported by this grant)
Multi-qubit algorithms in Josephson phase qubits, ARO/IARPA (2010-2015)
(see list of papers supported by this grant)
Algorithm demonstrations using Josephson qubits, ARO/IARPA (2008-2010)
(see list of papers supported by this grant)
High-fidelity Josephson qubits, ARO/DTO (2004-2009)
(see list of papers supported by this grant)
Quantum measurement for quantum computing, ARO (2001-2004)
Single-electron memory, SRC (2001-2003)
Applications of single-electron tinneling, Samsung (1997-1998)
2 research grants from Russian Fund for Basic Research (1990s)
2 research grants from Russian Committee on Science and Technology (1990s)

Ph.D. in Physics in 1991 from Moscow State University
B.S./M.S. (Cum Laude) in Physics in 1986 from Moscow State University

UC Riverside, Assistant Professor (2000-2002), Associate Professor (2002-2006), Professor (2006-present)
SUNY Stony Brook (1993-1996, 1998-2000) Postdoc, Research Scientist, Research Assistant Professor
Moscow State University (1987-1993, 1996-1998) Senior Technician, Engineer, Scientist, Senior Scientist
Visiting positions: NEC, Japan (02.97-05.97) Researcher
Universite de la Mediterranee, France (12.97-03.98, 06.98-08.98) Visiting Professor